CSS Styling the Audio Element

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There are a few things you can do with CSS to style the HTML audio element in various browsers.

Fast MIDI Song Starter


Here is a really easy way to build MIDI chord progressions using iRealPro.

What is Full Kontakt Required?


Perhaps you don’t know what Kontakt is or how it works. Hopefully we can sort these things out and get you on your way to making some music.

How To Style a Range Input Slider

Coding audio

If you are going to build a custom html audio player, you will need to know how to style a range input slider.

How to Build a HTML Audio Player with Vanilla JS (Part 2)

Coding audio

Here is another tutorial on how to build a custom html audio player with vanilla js.

Coding a Custom HTML Audio Player (Part 1)

Coding audio

Here is a starter tutorial on how to create a custom HTML audio player with HTML and JavaScript.

The HTML Audio Element (Part 1)

Coding audio

This post is the first in a series that will discuss the HTML audio element and all of the various ways that sound can be heard on a web page.

How To Remove Scripts and Styles from Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin for WordPress

Seriously Simple Podcasting icon

If you’d like to remove the styles and scripts from the Seriously Simple Podcasting (SSP plugin), here’s how.

Preparing to Talk to a Web Developer

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You have a business, and you want a website for your business. There are a few things you need to know before you talk to a website developer.

Should There Be A Catholic Economics?

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There can no more be a Catholic economics than there can be Catholic physics or Catholic painting techniques, but Catholicism can inform economic practices.

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