Sire T7 Pickup Specs

Sire T7 butterscotch blonde guitar

I love my butterscotch Sire T7 guitar. The rounded edges of the torrefied maple neck feel so good in my hands. However, the pickups weren’t doing it for me so I switched them out with some 1952 Classic Pickup (Alnico 3) from Planet Tone, which I like so far. No special routing was needed on the T7 to put in these pickups made for a Fender Telecaster.

Here’s what I know about the stock Sire T7 pickups:

  • Alnico 5
  • Bridge Pickup Resistance: 6.38 kΩ
  • Neck Pickup Resistance: 7.71 kΩ

Here are some measurement photos in millimeters:

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