Inexpensive Budget Audio Mastering

Budget Audio Mastering in Richmond, VA

The final stage of audio production, once you have spent time mixing your tracks, is audio mastering. When you want to get your song ready for radio, balanced and at the right volume level for transmission, either on the air or for streaming, you should finish it off with mastering.

Some studios will charge $150 or more per song. Our prices are much lower, allowing for one revision (after hearing our first pass at it) for under $30 per song.

EQ, Compression, and Dynamics

mastering software eq

We will adjust the lows, mids, and highs, and add compression to your taste. We can add stereo spread, exciter, dynamics that allow your music to breathe, a spectral shaper, and a more vintage sound if that is your thing.

If your music is bass-heavy and you want to shape the lows a certain way, we can do that for you too.

Reference Matching Your Master

If there is another track out there in the world that you would like for us to match, we can do that too, getting it as close as possible sonically as we can to your reference.

Let us know what sort of sound you want, and we can get your track ready for streaming or over the air broadcasting.


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