God and Money Podcast

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Is it possible there is a better form of capitalism? Not switching to a centralized socialist structure, but is there some way to temper the impact that economics has on our overall lives?

How to Fix Firefox tabindex Not Working

Keyboard with key

The tab key might not move you around a web page in some browsers. Here’s something for Mac users to try.

What is Sound Frequency?

radial wave

In music, one of the most important concepts of wrap your head around is frequency.

How to Remove View Link from BuddyPress


When using BuddyPress, there is an annoying “View” link on the profile pages. To a logged out user it sits there alone, strangely, with no counterpart. Here’s how I removed it. At first I thoughtI would alter the BuddyPress theme, but this View link is created in the core parts of BuddyPress. So the solution […]

Pope John Paul II – Letter to Artists

John Paul II statue in Croatia

In Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists, he lays out the relationship between the Church and every type of artist, including musicians.

How to Start a D3.js Layout


The easiest way to start building data visualizations with D3.js is by using an SVG as a container.

Importing a Javascript File Into Another Javascript File


With modern Javascript (ES6 + ES7 + ES8 + ES9), it is possible to import one javascript file into another. First create the second file. I will call mine get-data.js and I will make it a sibling of my index.js file. inside get-data.js I will wrap my code inside of an export function like this: […]

How to Get json Data with D3


Once you have set up d3 and webpack, and then you have set a webpack hot module replacement (hmr), you should try to use d3 to get data from a .json file. You’ll first need a .json file. If you don’t have one already, you can create one on https://www.mockaroo.com/. Set the number of rows […]

Adding Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to Webpack


Webpack makes refreshing the browser automatically easy with Hot Module Replacement (HMR) every time you make a code change.

Simple Webpack d3 Setup

D3 Webpack Babel

If you want a quick start to set up a d3.js development environment using webpack and Babel, then use this tutorial to learn how.