Audio Production Services

Washington DC and Northern Virginia

Press Play and start thinking about how you want your customers or members to feel about your messaging. If you are not using music to enhance your branding and content, then please contact to let us show you how.

You can’t turn your ears off. They are always active, even when you are sleeping. And sounds affect us very deeply.

As all of us multi-task, there is often digital audio in the background — while at our computers, driving, or while on foot with headphones on. Some of this audio is informational, some entertaining, and other times is just an enhancement of a video or other digital product.

Our Specialities

Creative Songwriting and Jingles

Everybody remembers catchy jingles and theme songs. We have the creativity with words and music to craft the right memorable music for you.

Audio Cleanup and Repair

If you have recorded audio with a lot of hiss or background noise that is distracting or sounds unprofessional, we have the tools and ability to clean it up for you. Whether it be in a video or by itself, we can separate out the important dialog from the noise and polish it with the right equalization and volume levels.

Inexpensive Audio Mastering

The final stage of producing your song is to get it ready for radio or streaming in a process known as mastering. We can help you with this process for not a lot of money. Learn more about budget mastering services.

Podcast Production

Around 150 million Americans listen to podcasts. If you want to start creating your own audio content via podcast, or if you have an already existing podcast series that needs to be refreshed, let us know and we can help you create the best audio content to give your company, organization, or personal project the best sound possible.

Let Us Know What You Want to Say

We are an audio production service company based in the Washington DC area, although we work with all sorts of people around the United States and Canada. Please tell us what you’d like to say to the world, and we will help you get your message across.

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