Importing a Javascript File Into Another Javascript File


With modern Javascript (ES6 + ES7 + ES8 + ES9), it is possible to import one javascript file into another. First create the second file. I will call mine get-data.js and I will make it a sibling of my index.js file. inside get-data.js I will wrap my code inside of an export function like this: […]

How to Get json Data with D3


Once you have set up d3 and webpack, and then you have set a webpack hot module replacement (hmr), you should try to use d3 to get data from a .json file. You’ll first need a .json file. If you don’t have one already, you can create one on Set the number of rows […]

Adding Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to Webpack


Webpack makes refreshing the browser automatically easy with Hot Module Replacement (HMR) every time you make a code change.

Simple Webpack d3 Setup

D3 Webpack Babel

If you want a quick start to set up a d3.js development environment using webpack and Babel, then use this tutorial to learn how.

Web Forms and Mobile Keyboards

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Have you ever been on a mobile website, filling out a form, being asked for your email address, and much to your annoyance the keyboard being shown on your phone doesn’t have a “@” or a “.” on it? Here’s how you can make your web forms better.

What is a Pattern Library?

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A pattern library is like a style guide, but instead of it defining the elements which are outwardly facing, a pattern library is a repository of the way code should be consistently written.

What are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)?

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Imagine you own a store, and on the front door you have a big sign that says “Visually impaired and other handicapped people are not welcome!”  That would be awful.  But you might already be doing that.

What Are Dark Patterns?

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Have you ever been annoyed by a website? Really annoyed? For example, you click on a link to view a list of the top ten cities to visit, and instead of showing a list of ten cities, you see “City #10” with another link to click to see #9. And another. And another. Why not […]