Anil Dash: A Voice for the Moral Imagination in Technology

As I continue to find topics related to ethical design, one name that seems to steadily pop-up is that of Anil Dash.  I like that he is bringing this to more people’s attention.  Here’s a quick video of him answering the question that my blog asks in every post: Does Technology Need to Be Ethical?

Source: Anil Dash: The Ethical Responsibility of Technology and Tech Giants – The Atlantic – The Atlantic

Apparently, Dash has been blogging since 1999.  I look forward to reading more of his archives.  He was at one point an advisor to the Obama administration and also developed new media for the Village Voice, so I guess that sheds light on his political positions.  I did read in one of his posts that he is a secular humanist but in the same post read that he has a respect for the work of Father Gregory Boyle of Homeboy Industries, so I am even further curious to try to comprehend the foundations of what he considers ethics and morality.  I hope to build upon my understanding.


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